Scott Myles | Swapping Pockets

End Date: 18/07/2020

A selection of works produced from Scott Myles’ ongoing project ‘This Way Out’. Initially originating from his most recent solo exhibition at the gallery, where Myles relocated his studio for the duration of the exhibition which allowed an exploration of the artist’s practice within the context of a public exhibition.

To work inside the gallery was the exhibition; a kind of simultaneous display of production and presentation. The presence of the artist and assistant, the tools and materials for production, and the artworks throughout the gallery all vied for the viewer’s attention. Such dichotomies are at the core of the artist’s practice and ‘This Way Out’ was a sincere attempt at bringing about a new untested situation for Myles and his audience.

The Modern Institute presents “Swapping Pockets”, a solo show by Scott Myles.