Post-War British Art

End Date: 30/04/2021

Artists featured: Richard Allen, Tony Bevan, Dexter Dalwood, Tarka Kings, Peter Lanyon, Richard Long, William Turnbull and Victor Willing.

This display includes both newly acquired and existing works from our inventory which we felt would benefit from being seen in a more expansive virtual gallery space.

Thematic strands which run through this collection include the boundary between drawing and painting and painting and sculpture, gestural mark-making and the sensational impact of pure colour. Some artists take a more obviously post-modern approach, by adopting a systematic working process or through art-historical appropriation, and many have affinities with American art produced in the same period.

All works are available for sale, please contact the gallery for more information, by email ( or phone (+44 (0)20 7042 3233). 17 St George Street is currently closed to visitors, but all exhibits may be viewed by appointment, in accordance with current health guidelines.

A selection of post-war paintings, drawings and constructions covering the period 1959-2018.