Nicola Tyson: Four Paintings

End Date: 17/07/2020

Sadie Coles HQ is pleased to present Nicola Tyson: Four Paintings.

Adopting an intuitive approach, Tyson begins by drawing. She works quickly to “stay ahead of rational decision making”, not knowing what will appear but trusting that the “discovered” images will resonate with a complex range of meanings and associations. Selected sketches are then worked up into paintings through a slower, more deliberate process. Tyson’s expressive paint application is nevertheless characterised by a ‘one-chance only’ approach – that of using a dry brush to produce a sense of immediacy and dynamism of movement, in addition to her chromatically-heightened pallete of unlikely colour combinations, rendering the imagery alternately perverse and beautiful.

Tyson, who has been based in New York since 1989, is primarily known as a painter but has also worked with photography film, performance and the written word. Her work has continued to gain recognition for its reimagining of the female figure in relation to concepts of identity and the social gaze. She sets out to describe the female body as experienced rather than merely observed. Moving beyond a mimetic, objectifying approach, she explores the body as a constantly shifting set of felt coordinates. Through this process, her distinctive images often blur the distinction between representation and abstraction.

Nicola Tyson (b. 1960, London). In autumn 2017, Tyson presented a solo exhibition of works on paper, Beyond a Trace, at The Drawing Room, London. Earlier the same year, she presented a survey exhibition at The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, St. Louis, USA. Nicola Tyson’s work is held in various prestigious public collections internationally including the Museum of Modern Art, New York, Metropolitan Museum, New York, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington D.C, and Tate Modern, London.