Nick Relph ‘How Long Is How Long Is the Coast of Britain, Britain?’

End Date: 07/08/2020

In How Long Is How Long Is the Coast of Britain, Britain?, Relph continues his research into outmoded analogue processes by utilising darkroom development techniques to expose information and detail from photomasks, which is an imaging resource used to transfer information onto microchips, typically invisible to the naked eye. The industrial process of filtering this information from photomasks is through a reduction lens, Relph reverses this process by placing the photomasks into an enlarger, exposing and magnifying the information. Minute details come to light—dates of original production, cracks in the masks, notes from the original owner—reflecting the abstract materiality of the photographs. By printing in colour Relph is able to control the hues and tones; these allow for happy accidents, for the pinks to offset the lush-deep reds that are reminiscent of Japanese lacquers. Darkroom techniques are further exposed at the tops and bottoms of each print where the hand cutting of the paper roll becomes part

Nick Relph is a New York based artist whose practice includes video, sculpture, prints, photographs, collages and weavings, which reference images from advertising, fashion, music and art. His layered works often involve both digital and analogue media as images are reprocessed from one format to another, occasionally dissolving into abstraction.