Morgan Wills: Paintings

End Date: 27/10/2020

‘Paul Valéry once said that a bad poem is one that vanishes into meaning. In a painting in which this is a room, this is a chair, this is a head, the imagery does not exist – it vanishes into recognition.’ – Philip Guston

The bright colours and bold forms used in these new works are seemingly light and amusing at first glance – but through the artists’ employment of repetition, gesture and of the absurd Wills manages to address existential anxieties inherent to the human condition and alludes to the anxieties in the creative process itself.

Sid Motion Gallery is pleased to present new work by Morgan Wills on the Vortic Collect app. This exhibition in extended reality coincides with a physical presention of some of the artworks in a pop-up exhbiton in collaboration with Bosse&Baum at 9 French Place, E1 6JB from 6th – 11th October.