Mohammed Qasim Ashfaq – VOLUME

End Date: 30/04/2021

VOLUME is an exhibition about materiality, form and unity. It is composed of three specially made artworks by Mohammed Qasim Ashfaq that respond directly to the architecture of Vortic’s gallery, challenging the limits of its space and software. Each monochrome work explores a singular plane of graphite rendered in divergent form, shimmering between pure surface and limitless depth. Born from the experience of Ashfaq’s physical drawings — from meticulous geometric forms executed on paper to monumental orbital installations crafted directly onto the wall’s surface — VOLUME explores the potential of the digital realm to express granular intensities of line, depth and aura. Its effect is a virtual hall of mirrors: velocities of light and mass entwine to exceed our rational expectations.

Mohammed Qasim Ashfaq