Marijke De Roover: Niche Content For Frustrated Queers

End Date: 26/09/2020

“Memes ought to be critically interpreted as texts!

Far from trivial, memes have been used to communicate political resistance and to develop a language, carrying the instructions for the reproduction of culture. Popularity and understanding are not default to progressive and inclusive memes. Rather, the simplification of the characters of memes rely on normative power structures, ultimately spreading stereotypical representations. Looking at gender in anonymous online spaces (where memes mostly circulate) we see they are more hostile and unwelcoming to anyone who does not identify as white and male. Sexualisation and objectification are far more common when social stigma can be detached from online actions.

To coincide with Marijke De Roovers participation in the exhibition ‘Together’ at MuKHA, Antwerp to celebrate Antwerp Pride, Arcade is pleased to present a series of memes from the young Belgian artist.