Lucía Pizzani: Armoured

End Date: 31/07/2020

The Acorazadas series refers to Pizzani’s ongoing investigation into ideas of a second skin or layer of protection. The hand cut collages are accompanied by two series: the Mapanare photograms that were made with actual snake skin then toned to sepia, in a carefully crafted analogue processes; and Sierpe, two larger format silkscreens on canvas born from those skin images.

These works were part of Coraza an ongoing project developed over the last three years in Mexico City and London. The title, ‘Coraza’ (translated – ‘armour’), references the ceremony to the Aztec god of rebirth, Xipe Totec. As part of the ritual to celebrate the start of the corn cropping season, Aztec priests would peel the skin from defeated warriors before donning their flayed skins. Pizzani became fascinated by the ancient ceremony, and this exhibition was her parallel exploration into regeneration, transformation and metamorphosis.

Cecilia Brunson Projects (CBP) presents a Vortic exhibition by Lucía Pizzani. This London based artists from Caracas (b.1975) brings some of her most recent collage works to this platform. Her practice draws from her Biology studies, exploring themes of gender and the body with an emphasis on materiality and symbolisms.