David Salle: Pictures of People and Paintings on Magazines

End Date: 01/05/2021

Bringing together two important bodies of work, the exhibition highlights the artist’s preoccupation with composition and the way in which patterns of light and shadow delineate the surfaces of depicted subjects. For Salle, the impetus behind the work is the dynamic relationships of colour and shape, alerting the viewer to the experience of looking per se. In Big Hat (2019), the planes of light defining the features of a woman work in dialogue with energetic, almost rhythmic lines of a cropped magazine cartoon. The artist’s pictures of individual people further accentuate the way in which light falls on skin whilst presenting images imbued with tenderness and intimacy.

Skarstedt is pleased to present Pictures of People and Paintings on Magazines, the exhibition of recent paintings by David Salle (b. 1952).