Celia Paul: My Studio

End Date: 25/07/2020

This series of works completed during these past months focus on the artist’s home and studio, a place that sits at the very heart of Paul’s enquiry into the complexities of interior and exterior life, constancy and change.

Subjects include its familiar fixtures and sparse furnishings, transfigured by changing light, and the London landmarks visible from its windows, such as the British Museum, rendered strangely quiet during the lockdown, and the BT Tower, given added resonance as we are made to adjust our avenues of communication.

Celia Paul’s art is founded on deep connections – familial, creative, looping back and forth across time – to people and places, and is self-assuredly quiet, contemplative and ultimately moving in its attention to detail and intensely felt spirituality.

Victoria Miro is delighted to present My Studio, an extended reality (XR) exhibition of new paintings by the celebrated British artist Celia Paul, to launch the London Collective.