Andreas Schulze: Dreams Are My Reality

End Date: 30/08/2020

The centerpiece of the exhibition, Untitled (Garden) (2016), sets the tone for this journey through the German artist’s personal iconography which, though characteristically lighthearted and joyful, is nonetheless haunted by our current moment of confinement and anxiety. Under a blue but also ominous sky, a series of curious plant-forms run across the painting’s long horizon line, and a dirt path snakes its way from the foreground to the background. This distant space beckons the viewer, yet it remains closed off by a stark white fence, thereby generating a dual feeling of being held inside and longing for the outside. This dynamic of inside/outside returns in two barcode-like paintings, Untitled (Sicilian Hoarding 3) (2014) and Untitled (Hoarding Sicilia) (2015), in which strong vertical bands have the look of window or prison bars, which partially block our view of abstracted seaside views that float surreally and elusively across the canvas.

For the last four decades, Andreas Schulze (*1955) has played a key role in contemporary painting. His colorful pictorial worlds, which question our collective social and cultural habits, are the result of attentive observations of everyday surroundings from domestic spaces to urban scenes to lush, natural vistas. Dreams Are My Reality, a virtual presentation of Schulze’s paintings on the new extended reality platform Vortic, offers a rich, focused look at the artist’s alluring visual language. Schulze was the first artist that Monika Sprüth presented when she opened her gallery in Cologne in 1983; many years later his work once again inaugurates a new kind of space for viewing art.