Alex Hartley: The Houses

End Date: 29/08/2020

Alex Hartley’s work shows us new ways of physically experiencing and thinking about our constructed surroundings. Iconic examples of modernist domestic architecture, photographed by the artist over the past twenty-five years, form the basis of these atmospheric monochrome works, in which the photographic image lies separated beneath hand-painted elements – describing and embellishing a verdant landscape – applied directly to a layer of semi-transparent acrylic. These include the first UK houses featured by Hartley, examples of British modernism that speak to the extremes of fate that befall early- to mid-twentieth-century architecture in the UK, some maintained in a pristine state, others fallen into disrepair.

New works from Alex Hartley’s acclaimed series “The Houses” bring together photographic and overlaid painterly elements to examine the idea of the viewpoint, the frame and the boundary – between interior and exterior, manmade and natural environments, public and private space, two and three dimensions.